Private Universities of Turkey – Istanbul

University of Özyeğin

Özyeğin University is located amid Istanbul’s picturesque forests in the Asian section. The campus is surrounded by a green strip of trees and a unique environmental design that has always captivated students from all over the world. The university has…

Location: İstanbul / Çekmeköy

İstinye University

The university includes several of the best hospitals in Istanbul, including (Liv Hospital, Medical Park, and VM Medical Park). It is one of the best universities in human medicine and other health specialties, in addition to having other disciplines of…

Location: İstanbul / Zeytinburnu

Istanbul Aydın University

In a short period, the university became one of the most trusted universities in Turkey. The university is located in the heart of Istanbul in the region of Florya near the sea. The University is recognized by the European Union…

Location: İstanbul / Beşyol

Istanbul Medipol University

The university was established in 2009 by the (TESA) Foundation. It is considered as one of the top universities in medical and health sciences and other specialties as well, which adopts modern technology in all its ports. The university is…

Location: İstanbul / Beykoz

Istanbul Bilgi University

“Learning not for school but life” this is the slogan of the Istanbul Bilgi University, the only university that has been a member of the international university network “Laureate International Universities”. Since 2006, Istanbul Bilgi University, founded in 1996, has…

Location: İstanbul / Eyüp

Bahçeşehir University

With the slogan “At the heart of Istanbul”, Bahçeşehir University aims to be one of the top 500 universities in the world by 2023. Founded in 1998, the university has a United Nations Prize in higher education. Bahçeşehir university has…

Location: İstanbul / Beşiktaş

Koç University

Koç University was established in 1993 as a private college in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its foundation, Koç University has gotten one of the main colleges in Turkey, recognized by prominent commitments to the rise of training, information and administration both…

Location: İstanbul / Sarıyer

Sabancı University

It is not an exaggeration that Sabancı University is the best university in Turkey. This exceptional university is the no. 1 university in Turkey in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation, according to the Ministry of Technology, Industry, and Science. Apart…

Location: İstanbul / Tuzla

Istanbul Okan University

Founded in 1999, Okan University is one of the universities that is concerned with the practical skills of the student. With its slogan,” the University Closest to Business Life” and this is what we see in several matters carried out…

Location: İstanbul / Tuzla

Üsküdar University

More than 200 ERASMUS Conventions in 18 European countries, 40 scientific and health researchers, 74 student clubs, and 14,500 square meters, the University of Üsküdar will provide you with a distinguished educational service, high academic quality and professional experience. The…

Location: İstanbul / Üsküdar

Kadir Has University

The university was founded in 1997 and has chosen to take its place in the oldest and unique area in Istanbul. Located on the sea within the city center and surrounded by history from all sides. The university has dedicated…

Location: İstanbul / Fatih

Işık University

Işık University was founded by the Fayza School of Waqf in 1996. It is considered one of the strongest universities that have proven its existence once it was established. The University of Işık has two campuses, one of which is…

Location: İstanbul / Şile

İstanbul Ticaret University

One of the most preferred universities in Turkey was established by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps the student of the trade, economics, or other administrative sciences will benefit from the unique experience that will be obtained from this university.…

Location: İstanbul / Sütlüce

Yeditepe University

Founded in 1996 by ISTEK – Istanbul Educational and Cultural Foundation, Yeditepe University has a distinguished academic and administrative faculty. The university has a goal to educate the younger generation and equip them with all the necessary skills needed for…

Location: İstanbul / Ataşehir

Istanbul Gelişim University

The university was founded in 2008 by the Gelişim Foundation for Education, Culture, Health and Social Development. The Foundation aims at establishing a global network of research and providing high-quality vocational education. The University’s philosophy focuses on three points: the…

Location: İstanbul / Avcılar

Sabahattin Zaim University

This university was founded in 2010 by the Education and Culture Foundation and one of the most beautiful universities in Istanbul and each student can study two foreign languages for free. It is possible to benefit from the University of…

Location: İstanbul / Küçükçekmece

Gedik University

In addition to ERASMUS program, the university has several agreements and to exchange students with universities from around the world, including University of California – USA, Azerbaijan Technical University and the University of Nakhchivan – Azerbaijan, Tian Jin University –…

Location: İstanbul / Kartal

Biruni University

“Future of Science” adopts this slogan Al-Biruni University offers the best quality and quality of education to its students, keeping pace with the latest developments in science in various medical fields, seeking to be the best university specialized in medical…

Location: İstanbul / Zeytinburnu

Altınbaş University

10 years since the start of this university, which began as the name of Kemerburgaz and then changed its name to Altınbaş. The university grew rapidly and developed into a global research university, and now is one of the leading…

Location: İstanbul / Bağcılar

Istanbul Kultur University

In 1997, Istanbul Kultur University, through its extensive agreements with universities in the United States of America, Europe, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Asia, and Germany, was able to benefit from the diverse experiences of those universities in all educational, cultural…

Location: İstanbul / Yenibosna

Maltepe University

Founded in 1997 by Istanbul Marmara Educational Foundation, the university has since established its goal of internationalization. It has signed agreements with 75 universities around the world and is a member of international institutions such as TASSA, IMHE, and ERASMUS.…

Location: İstanbul / Maltepe

Beykoz University

Beykoz University’s success story began in 2007 with the Institute of Science and Research (TÜRLEV) when the Vocational Institute of Logistics and Human Resources was founded. The university is proud to have graduated 2500 students who are working today in…

Location: İstanbul / Beykoz

Pîrî Reis University

This university was founded by the Turkish Marin Waqf Education in 2008. The university was named after the famous Turkish sailor Piri Reis, who is said to have drawn the map of America before Christoph Columbus. This university is specialized…

Location: İstanbul / Tuzla

Beykent University

The university was established in 1997 by the Beykent Educational Endowment, which was previously established as an educational series for all levels of kindergarten, elementary school, and high school, and then culminated in the work of Beykent University. The university…

Location: İstanbul / Sarıyer

Istanbul Arel University

If we want to set an example of a Turkish university characterized by remarkable rapid development that can predict a brilliant future for it, then Istanbul Arel University will be a good example of this, but the question is why?…

Location: İstanbul / Büyükçekmece

Yeni Yüzyıl University

The university was founded by the National Home for Education and Health in 2009. The university aims to educate the young generation. Yeni Yüzyıl University is responsible for educating its students academically and technically and contributing to studies and research.…

Location: İstanbul / Zeytinburnu

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