Student Residence in Turkey

Finding a house must be a crucial concern of students who intend to study abroad. Common questions may be asked:

– How do I get suitable house?
– Is finding a house in Turkey easy or difficult?
– Do Turkish universities have their own residences?
– Can I rent an apartment in Turkey?
– Will Studyköy help me find suitable house?
– Where should I rent in Istanbul?

All of these or any related questions can be easily answered by our Studyköy representatives. We provide services with which you are left satisfied.

In Turkey, there are several types of residence. Depending on your budget and how you want a house you can choose between the alternatives.

Student dorms

 They are divided into several parts.

Student dorms in Turkish universities

Some Turkish universities have their own dorms, and often inside the campus, which facilitates the movement between the university and the dorm. Securing this type of a house is an easy and sufficient way. The student is required to send an email to the university in which he/she is registered in, and then if available, he/she will be guaranteed a room. In addition, Turkish private universities give priority to foreign students or to students who come from aboard.

Governmental student dorms

These types of dorms are known for their low fees but it is mainly reserved for Turkish students. A lot of international students do not opt for these dorms because often times they are cramped with around 4-8 students in one room and don’t find any privacy at all.

Private student housing

This is special for providing a lot of services to the student, including main meals, cafes, facilities, sport center… etc. There is also daily cleaning of rooms and other additional features that may differ from one residence to another.

Varieties of rooms: Rooms for one, two or three people. This type of housing will be more expensive than the rest, but it will ensure the student’s comfort and enjoyment.

Youth housing

Some homeowners can make their home a residence for young people, and the apartment is intended for young people or females only. One of its most important features is that its cost is low and bills are included in the fare and also, can be rented without a commission. The disadvantage is that it may be uncomfortable to study, especially since it is generally not intended for students, and sometimes it lacks cleanliness. Please note that some youth hostels can be very clean and well serviced.

Here are some websites in which a person can search for suitable and economical house similar to youth houses.


Residential apartments

It is one of the options that many students prefer, but this option is considered the most difficult to provide, in that it takes a long time until you find a suitable and economical house. Students may suffer in buying furniture and supplies for the home if it is not furnished, or suffer in the process of subscriptions for water, electricity, gas, and internet among with paying insurance.

It is possible to rent an apartment that is not very expensive, but in Turkey, when renting an apartment, you will have to pay a commission to the real estate office, usually the value of one month’s rent or 12% of the value of the rent for a year, in addition to paying insurance for the owner of the apartment, often the value of one or two months, the deposit may be returned at the end of the contract if the house stays in good shape.

Tips when renting an apartment in Turkey

– Easy access to transportation, especially metro or metrobus stations (which is a long bus that has a special route within a long transportation line connecting the European and Asian divisions).

– It is preferable not to rent apartments underground, which are called (bodrum) in the Turkish language, there is high humidity that causes damages to the walls and ceilings, which can be bad for the health as well.

– Attention to the heating system in houses, since some of them may not have a natural gas extension service which is the best economical solution and does not have harmful residues or sound.

– Finally, you must guarantee the ownership of a person you are renting from by seeing their title deed, which is called in the Turkish language (Tabo).

– You can use some of the following Turkish websites to find suitable houses, according to the specifications that you set.


Studyköy will help its students free of charge to find suitable houses for them, especially in private student residences, in addition to that, we can direct the parents who want to buy a house in Turkey to reliable companies that they can deal with freely and without worries. We have good relationships with real estate agencies here and we can find a suitable place for you to live according to your needs which is also near to your university.

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