Why Study in Turkey?

Studying in Turkey has many benefits for a student’s personal growth and development. Students are able to build their future while gaining life experiences.

Benefits of studying in Turkey:

Political and economic stability

Turkey is the sixth most powerful economic power in Europe. Fortunately, Turkey provides lower costs of living and lower tuition fees than other western countries.

Quality of education

Turkey is frequently focusing on enhancing the quality of education. Meanwhile, the Turkish education system does not only focus on providing book knowledge but also focuses on giving real life experiences that help with self-development.

Government facilities

The Turkish government is easing students’ lives by simplifying visa and resident permit procedures. Unlike before, Resident permit applications are now submitted throughout universities directly to migration offices. Lucky enough? Also, the ministry together with the university offer financial aids for those in need with providing scholarships and monthly salaries that would cover accommodations and costs of living.

Hospitality of locals

In Turkish culture, hospitality is everything. If you have anything to ask anyone on the street or have any questions, you can always expect to be greeted and answered with a smile. It is also not uncommon to be offered a cup of tea if you are visiting a store or even a roadside shop.

Work environment

Turkey has enormous Turkish companies that welcome interns and international students. There are a lot of job opportunities in the Turkish market for foreigners in both Turkish and international companies.

Our contracted universities have lots of opportunities related to the fields they offer. Due to their strong position in Turkey, their agreements with many companies guarantee a position for their students whether after they graduate or during their study period. A certain plus for the foreigner students is that they are fluent in the English language, and by the time they graduate, they would have learned Turkish. Learning both English and Turkish languages offers great opportunities for the fresh graduate in finding a job.

Life in Turkey

The geographical location of Turkey, which includes two continents, Europe and Asia, makes it a very interesting and incredible place to be living in. You can travel between the continents within few minutes!

Also, the integration of historical and modern places is a bonus point! It will also be easy for you to find you comfort and stability by finding an accommodation in the preferred area since the real-estate market in Turkey is enormous.

University Campuses

Most of the universities in Turkey are well known for their fascinating campuses whether with modern or historical buildings! Let’s also consider their precious locations whether on the Bosphorus or city view. Our contracted universities offer daily meals, study halls, cafeterias, sport facilities and other on campus. They also offer student discounts to some restaurants, sport centers and so many other activities. Also, they hold a lot of activities which makes it easier for you to make friends!

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